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Whilst we are in the process of building my studio I will be offering at home photo shoots.

I was delighted to be invited back to this family home to capture them becoming a family of 4. An at home session fits perfectly with this family, they love their dog being involved and big bro being 3 years old it worked so well that he could go off and play in between shots.

What are the benefits of having an at home session?

-If you are in the comfort of your own home so there isn't that pressure of having to get the family ready and out of the house for an appointment.

-Your pets can be involved in the photo shoot

-If you have young siblings they are likely to feel more settled and less overwhelmed by having photos take if it is in their familiar home space. If they get bored or need a break during the shoot they can go off and play, have a snack watch TV etc.

The way we structured this session was to begin with sibling and family shots so once we were done big brother went off with dad to play lego whilst we focused on just baby shots.

-You have everything you need at hand whether that be a change of clothes, snacks, toys etc.

Are you worried your home isn't going to be clean and tidy?

Please do not give this a second thought, you have just had a baby, no one would expect an immaculate home and there is zero judgement, I just ask to you to have the house nice and warm to help keep baby sleepy and settled. I always bring neutral blankets I can throw over a sofa or bed to create a space to work in.

Can you still have studio style images at home?

Yes absolutely! if you opted for my studio set package we will discuss the images you like during your consultation call and I bring studio lighting, props, outfits, back drop etc.


You are worried my home is too dark?

In most cases every home at least one good sized window which gives beautiful light. Even if you opt for my life style session I still bring my on camera flash for extra light if needed. For the studio set package I bring studio lighting. I'd be happy to look at a video or do a video call to confirm your space is suitable for a shoot.

What is the difference between life style and studio images?

My life style session gives you beautiful natural and authentic images around your home. In this session I will be giving you prompts and natural posing guidance but this session does not include any studio lighting, set ups or baby posing.

My studio set package includes studio lighting, back drop, props, outfits and posed set ups. The images are the same style I created in my studio.


When will you my new studio be ready?

We are hoping in the Spring so if you are due from May onwards you can book my usual studio sessions. If you are booked for an at home studio set session and my studio is ready earlier than expected I will give you the option to change to a studio shoot. My new postcode is BH14 0PE.

If you'd like full details of my at home packages please contact me and please include your due date or if baby has arrived their age. Session suitable for baby's aged 5 days to 12 weeks.


My packages start from £199.

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